Sulaiman Al Rajhi University

Sulaiman Al-Rajhi University is an integrated non-profit educational establishment that aspires to provide a distinct educational experience, by selecting the best students and having them qualified by experienced and highly competent professors and employees. The idea of establishing these colleges stemmed from Sheikh Al-Rajhi’s great appreciation of education and his recognition of its effective role in the nation’s renaissance and development of civilization. For this reason, Sheikh Al-Rajhi established Sulaiman Al-Rajhi Colleges and Hospital

The university is keen on offering an integrated educational and personal experience. The Sulaiman Al-Rajhi University students do not only graduate with advanced academic degrees, they graduate with a set of world-class academic tools while enjoying the benefit of character-building experiences that create influential and outstanding leaders

The University includes three academic facilities: the College of Medicine, Applied Medical Sciences College (Medical Laboratories Science Program) and Sulaiman Al-Rajhi School of Business

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