About us

We are a holding company, working to contribute to the advancement and growth of this nation. Our vision entails the achievement of distinction and leadership in Awqaf assets management and preservance. We also seek the augmentation of the Awqaf revenues through supporting their economic and social development, and to provide the optimum revenues for the Awqaf channels of spending through working in an investment environment, managed by the latest and best standards. In addition, the company is working in compliance with an investment philosophy specialized in asset management while looking for significant investment opportunities; and utilizing these opportunities through a financial and operational risk management approach. Moreover, the company aims at increasing its assets and maintaining the endowment’ sustainability. We also adopt a methodology based on diversifying assets, categories, as well as internal and external investment sectors.  Thus, we chose to invest in the following sectors:

  • Financial and real estate investments.
  • Food and agricultural investments.
  • Industrial investments.
  • Educational and technical investments.

Our work methodology is based on professionalism, quality, and leadership. That is why we are keen on hiring experienced professionals. We also realize the importance of role integration and, therefore,  we heed to establishing partnerships and strategic alliances, and dealing with the significant investment opportunities.