General Department of Finance

The General Department of Finance aims at preserving the company’s funds and properties through regulating the rules of expenditure and collection, monitoring and internal control; accuracy of financial accounts; in addition to providing the needed funds to enable the holding company to carry out the operational and investment processes. The department also works on providing the needed financial reports in a timely manner, which reflect the actual performance, to assist the users of financial statements and reports. It also assists the affiliated companies by analyzing their financial performance and providing them with the needed financial consultancy, to develop and improve their financial performance, in order to enhance the overall performance of the endowment and its subsidiaries.

General Department of Investment

The General Department of Investment aims at asset management and investment portfolio allocation, according to a predefined risk control approach. It also follows up the markets to identify the significant Islamic Sharia compliant investment opportunities. In addition, it seeks long-term augmentation of assets value and achievement of revenues that are proportional to the company’s annual expenditure.

The assets are managed –internally and externally- by specialized companies for fortune management. The adopted risk control method is based on diversifying the investment assets, categories, and sectors. As recommended by the Board of the Holding Company, the Investment Department monitors and assists the affiliated companies in auditing and developing their strategies and work plans for the coming years, as well as developing the reports and periodic performance forms.

General Department of Planning and Development

The General Department of Planning and Development aims at developing and reviewing the strategic plans, enhancing performance, and conducting the advisory development studies, with the objective of turning the company’s work strategy into annual plans and executive programs. The department monitors the implementation and achievement of the strategic goals through several professional certified methodologies. It also seeks the development and improvement of performance and spreading the knowledge of quality. Moreover, the department supports the implementation of the company projects in compliance with the professional standards and best practices and contributes to reviewing the strategic plans, policies, and procedures of the affiliated companies to ensure their compliance with the company overall strategy.

General Department of Support Services

The General Department of Support Services aims at following up the implementation of human resources and administrative policies and procedures to ensure an effective workflow and support all the other departments. The department also provides training, in addition to internal and external communication services. Furthermore, it provides logistic services and implements internal projects, and acts as a link with the affiliated companies, as it organizes forums and seminars for sharing experiences and experiments in the scope of work for each department.

Department of Legal Affairs

The Department of Legal Affairs provides legal advice to the Board of Directors, company departments and affiliated companies. The department also ensures the company’s compliance with the regulatory requirements and related regulations and follows up the legal status of the main company and its subsidiaries. In addition, it builds relations with external advisory entities of specialized expertise, and educate the employees on the basic legal aspects relevant to their work.


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