Food and Agricultural Investment

The agriculture and food sector are based on the idea of food security and improving the agricultural infrastructure for all scattered entities throughout the world , part of our quest is to contribute in self-sufficiency in agriculture sector and to developing agricultural production by focusing on developing agriculture technologies and farm management services, and try to make the agricultural environment in its optimized conditions for maximized productivity. The company owns the largest project for organic agriculture in the Kingdom.
some of our projects on Agriculture and food:

Poultry Sector:

The company owns one of the largest poultry projects at the local and regional level and is one of the luminous signs of Saudi economy featured by the latest equipments and advanced technologies in poultry area. With a daily production of chickens and table egg (820.000 hens, million eggs) , and what distinguishes this project is the inclusion of a various units within one geographical area with all project ‘s productive sections and other multilateral sections; Houses, mosques, restaurants, roads, water and electricity and communication networks, making it an integrated productive village .  Our products are deployed in Saudi Arabia, U.A.E., Kuwait, Qatar, Kingdom of Bahrain, Sultanate of Oman, Yemen, China and Vietnam.
The company also owns an integrated project for poultry in Egypt , where a group of companies has been established to develop poultry industry by drawing on the best available expertise and using the latest technology and international standards , the company started by grandparent poultry company established to produce a strain of high-quality poultry mothers , complementing the activity cycle in Egypt a hatching company has been established for rearing poultry mothers and producing inoculated hatching eggs , with a group of laboratories using highest technology levels around the world. This was followed by the establishment of poultry fattening company , the best sites for poultry breeding was selected according to careful scientific study of all the affecting factors. the integrated the cycle by establishing the national company for the manufacture of feed required for poultry to supply the local market and companies with the best types of feed, the company also added services of slaughter , processing and packing fresh and frozen poultry ,furthermore a poultry slaughterhouses has been established and it is considered one of the largest poultry slaughterhouses in Egypt and Arab world.