SAEE for Awqaf Development

About SAEE:

An independent, non-profit, private organization, specialized in the fields of scientific and professional development of the endowment, with the aim of serving it scientifically, disseminating it to the community Service and those who support it and its beneficiaries, and the relevant authorities do, and providing appropriate solutions and applications for it.

Our goals:

  • Upgrading the scientific level of the Awqaf.
  • Upgrading the professional level of Awqaf management.
  • Spreading community awareness of the endowment and its benefits for the endowers and the society.

Foundation courses of action:

The Foundation is currently working through three main projects:

The Waqf Research and Studies Center:

It aims to: Monitor and publicize research, studies and scientific publications in the field of Awqaf.

The Waqf Library:

It aims to: establish and support public libraries, provide them with books, periodicals, scientific sources, audiovisual materials and educational and cultural aids, and attract scientific manuscripts and original copies and make them available to beneficiaries.

The Waqf Information Center:

It aims to: provide, build, and develop multi-track databases on everything related to the Awqaf, including books, studies, research, researchers, specialists, and related administrative and scientific authorities such as ministries, endowments organizations, universities, societies, chairs, centers, systems, services, conferences, seminars, and forums.

Examples of achievements:

  1. Publishers of Saee Scientific Series
  2. Publishers of Saee studies Serie
  3. The Fiqh Encyclopedia in Waqf.
  4. The scientific magazine for endowment studies “Waqf”.
  5. Introductry books and educational brochures to clarify and organize the company and talk about the benefits and the corporation’s products.

Target groups:

  1. . Regulatory authorities
  2. Scientific authorities
  3. Consulting and service agencies
  4. Awqaf organizations
  5. Researchers and Professionals in the of Awqaf.
  6. . Community members
  7. Workers in the Awqaf sectors

For more information:

Saee for Awqaf Development