Educational and Technological Investment

Educational investment :
Sulaiman Alrajhi University established in Bokayreah ,it is a non-profit university which has four colleges: College of medicine, College of nursing, College of applied medical sciences (Radiology and medical laboratories) and Sulaiman Al Rajhi College for entrepreneurship. The project includes an integrated housing for students and teachers, a specialized University hospital aiming to raise the standards of health care in the Kingdom and to develop health science ,medical education and medical care in addition to bio-medical scentific researchs corresponding to global standards.

Information systems sector :
Awqaf companies are featured with a highly developed information systems infrastructure , a specific system of human and financial resources management has been applied since 2002, a specialized information technology company has been established to oversee the system. The group is currently updating its e-mail system and applying SAP system to all group companies to be comprehensive for all financial and administrative processes.

Training and recruitment :
As a result of the strategic partnership between al -Watnia poultry and technical and vocational training corporation, al -Watnia poultry technical institute has been established as a non-profit institute aiming to support the national poultry industry by providing qualified and trained cadres under a supervision of experts and professionals compatible with the highest professional standards and the needs of the labour market in the poultry industry.